Association of Tunnelling Operators of Nigeria (CAC/IT/NO 88526)
The potential for the tunnelling industry is vast, especially for developing countries with fast emerging cities with surface challenges to which tunnelling and underground space use can solve - Prof. Jinxiu(Jenny) Yan, ITA President 2019 - 2022
Prof. Jinxiu(Jenny) Yan
"Development of key infrastructure like the Mambilla Hydropower project will benefit significantly from the Legacy initiatives of Nigeria Tunnelling Association". Engr Imo Ekpo, Independent Consultant to the Federal Government on Mambilla Hydro Power project & Member Board of Trustees Nigeria Tunnelling Association
Engr Imo Ekpo
The Tunnelling and Underground Space initiative will allow our cities in Nigeria to evolve more sustainably. Arc Bamidele Falako, Built Environment Expert and Member Board of Trustees Nigeria Tunnelling Association
Arc Bamidele Falako
The International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association been the foremost International body for the promotion of Tunnelling and Underground Space use is proud to partner with Nigeria Tunnelling Association - Executive Director (International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association)
Olivier Vion
Tris Thomas
Nigeria through Nigeria Tunnelling Association seems to be ticking all the necessary boxes in terms of preparing itself for interest from the international tunnelling community as the opportunities for Tunnelling and Underground space use gets even more obvious "- Director Editorial , Tunnelling Journal
Tris Thomas